A boil is a skin lesion that occurs when a deep bacterial infection of a hair follicle begins forming occurs and a small red and painful lump.

This gradually increases in size and as it develops, the person may experience a lot of pain and fever.

As a boil, and you can begin treatment at home appears.

There are many ingredients readily available that can provide relief from pain and accelerate the healing process. The key to this is to soften the boil, so that bacteria and infection to drain out the inflamed area.

Here I propose a method that I used:

1.- Onion for boils

Onions contain antiseptic chemicals that act as a highly effective antimicrobial agent.

Just take a thick slice of onion and place it on the boil and wrap the area thoroughly with a cloth, so that the heat generated and onion can do their magic.

Repeat the process three or four times a day until the boil comes to a head and drain.

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