Try eating garlic and honey fast for 7 days, and this will happen to you!

Garlic is one of those ingredients most often used in kitchens around the world.

It provides a good flavor food, but also very powerful, can treat many diseases. Garlic can reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol, prevent coronary heart disease and heart attack. In addition, you can stop the role of atherosclerosis.

If you are suffering from daily health problems such as hay fever, travelers diarrhea, colds, flu, insect bites and infections, a soaked garlic can help.

Honey and garlic

In addition, garlic can help control osteoarthritis, diabetes and prostate hypertrophy symptoms. Garlic can improve immunity and the body’s ability to eliminate toxins. When combined with onion and ginger can help detoxify chemotherapy.

How to use garlic?

The best way to eat raw garlic is due to garlic. Crush and cut teeth and leave for 15 minutes before eating. Crush on him, so that the most bioavailable alicin reaction is activated.

It should be fasting because if the stomach is overwhelmed with food being eaten, there are difficulties in handling and absorbing everything from food nutrition

Raw garlic and honey

Seal 2-3 garlic cloves cut into small pieces. Mix with a tablespoon of honey. If taken together every day, you will feel more energetic and healthy.

Garlic flu

Wear gloves if you have sensitive skin when you do this tonic Do not rub your eyes, as some natural oils can cause skin rashes or burns.

Ingredients need:

About half an onion chopped
5 cloves garlic, coarse crushed
2 pepper, also chopped
1 tablespoon, ginger
1 lemon juice
Vinegar and raw materials of unfiltered apples
How do I prepare?

– In the glass bottle for 350ml to 500ml put the sliced onion. Then add chopped garlic. With red pepper, the seeds are followed.

– Then carefully placed some ginger. Squeeze the lemon into a separate bowl, toss the seeds and then pour the juice into it.

– Add apple cider vinegar at the end, leaving about a centimeter at the top of the space. Close the jar and place it on the counter or in the kitchen.




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